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How We Rank

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Of course, we have some tricks up our sleeves to make our ranks. We do not just make our ranks randomly just like most are similar websites. That is the main point that indicates our reliability. This is how we rank:

1. Key Ingredients

Products like beauty, cosmetics, foods, supplements, health care, electronics, baby products, etc are ranked based on their key ingredients. We verify each item in these categories against ingredient safety databases. This is done to determine the right dosage limits and final safety of the chemicals and forbidden compounds before recommending them to our consumers.

2. Manufacturing Details

Manufacturing details are very much important for electronic and lifestyle products. The components that are used in the product and where it has been manufactured is the key concern for every customer before making a buying decision. Also, in which country the product has been manufactured should be clarified to its targeted customers. We prioritize this sector before ranking any product.

3. Effectiveness

Sometimes a product made with the best ingredients or components may not work for most people. Because it mainly depends on how the manufacturer put them together to market the final products. That is why checking and reviewing the effectiveness is very much important. To assess the product’s expected effectiveness, we compare the safe and effective active ingredient dosages. This is determined by independent clinical trials and medical databases with those contained in the product labeling.

4. Availability

Sometimes there may be a good product that is not available everywhere most of the time. While making a ranking or before suggesting a particular product we also consider this acceptance. How can it be a top-ranked product if it is not available for everyone? We always try to make a list of those products that are available everywhere for regular customers.

5. Return and Refund

An easier return and refund policy of a brand indicates a higher brand value. It also indicates the brand’s trust in its product and is essential for obtaining a refund if you are dissatisfied. We evaluate and rate return policies by comparing the actual product return process to the brand’s return policy.

6. Customer Contentment

This is the most important segment that we consider before making our ranks. That is why we do not just take any customer review seriously, we need to judge that carefully. Smartest Reviewers provide customer satisfaction rankings. Our primary concerns are those who share their ranking or review based on personal experience with a product shown on Smartest Reviews.

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